If you admire the eight standard arrangements offered in the funeral director’s handout: or if you’d like MOTHER formed from white Chrysanthemum heads then we’re not for you.

Our bespoke tributes are picked and arranged only for you and you’ll never see two the same.

The images below will give you an impression of our work but can’t be repeated identically.  The seasons and your own wishes alone dictate our tributes.


Willow cross on grass

Used as the main tribute on top of a coffin: crosses can be 100% biodegradable like this one or built onto a mossed wire frame for a more traditional look.


Autumn sheaf

Sheaves can be any size. A large one such as this lovely autumnal tribute would lay on top of the coffin; much smaller ones are perfect as a personal tribute from friends and family.


Flowers on wet pavingA detail from our Yorkshire Garden tributes. These are large arrangements and are usually the sole decoration covering much of the top of a coffin.  Choose from 3’, 4’ or 5’ in length.


Pink willow heart

Choose a circular wreath for the top of a coffin or as a gift: alternatively, why not choose a heart on willow [100% biodegradable]



We made this for a family who said, “Dad wasn’t keen on flowers but he loved his allotment and his vegetables”.


Small flowers

Flowers can be tiny too.  Maybe choose a posy as the perfect tribute from a child?

These are just a small array of our funeral flowers.  Get in touch with us to talk about the flowers that will be just right for the person you’ve lost.
Would you like flowers from his/her garden included?  Would you like to come and pick your own flowers from our field [May to September]?
Don’t know what to choose? There’s more help HERE
We will deliver the flowers to your funeral director at the correct time or you can collect from us here on the farm.


* During our Yorkshire winters we may have to order flowers from Cornwall and the Scilly Isles to add to our foliage – but we will only use British material.