Woodland-Tribute-bannerIt’s a privilege to be asked to do funeral flowers.
Few flowers are as personal as those last blooms laid on a coffin – and yet so few standard funeral flowers say anything about the one whose life we are remembering.
We don’t use scentless Roses from Kenya; Chrysanthemums from Colombia or Carnations from Equador. We use flowers grown* on our Yorkshire farm: our tributes contain flowers, foliage, berries and buds in their own season and every single one is unique.
Choose from large displays for the top of the coffin; wreaths, hearts and posies. We will even visit the deceased’s own garden to pick material to include in the tribute if desired. We can make special tributes for Woodland Burials and Eco-Funerals with no floral foam, no wires, no pins and no plastic ribbon.

*During our Yorkshire winters we may have to order flowers from Cornwall and the Scilly Isles to add to our foliage – but we only use British material.